Chandler Flat Roofing

Flat roofing has become more common in contemporary society. Some of our clients prefer flat roofs so that they can lay on them and gaze at the stars, or get a nice view of their neighborhood from above. Flat roofing is the most cost-efficient roofing solution because the entire roofing area can be used for recreational purposes.

Flat roofing also provides logistical convenience if you plan on installing solar panels in the future. Regardless of your reason, GERMAN ROOFING will always accommodate your roofing preferences without delay and at a fair price. We use top-grade materials to offset the penetration of wind and water with all of our flat roofing structures.

We currently use three different types of roofing materials to engineer our flat roofs, including rolled roofing, foam roofing, and walking decks.


Standard Flat Roofing Maintenance

All types of flat roofing should be inspected and cleaned yearly and after heavy storms. The purpose of this is to check for storm damage and to clear the roof of debris that could be blocking water drainage, which if left unchecked, can lead to roof leaks and interior damage to the home.

These inspections are the single most important factor when it comes to the life of your roof. We highly recommend this maintenance as it will extend the life of your roof significantly and will save you on unnecessary costly repairs in the future. Our fee for this service is $100.


Specific Flat Roofing Maintenance

In addition to standard maintenance, each type of flat roofing requires a different type of maintenance at different intervals to keep your roof in good condition and give it the longest life possible. We have listed some maintenance tips below for your convenience.

Rolled roofing does not require regular maintenance, but should follow the standard flat roofing maintenance schedule to help your roof last as long as possible.

Foam roofing needs to be maintained and requires painting with elastomeric paint every five to eight years to protect the roof from drying and cracking.

Walking decks can be made out of maintenance-free materials (we recommend and use ply-deck), or wood. If the wood is used they should be resealed every three to eight years to prevent the wood from drying out and cracking.

Additional Information

GERMAN ROOFING does not recommend the use of a flat roof as a living area without an additional roofing support system set in place: such as tile, or a walking deck to protect the membrane of the flat roof.


Maintenance schedules and recommended inspection times are provided as a courtesy and recommended time is approximate. Every roof will require a different schedule, and every roof will have a different lifespan that will vary depending on weather, sun exposure, storm exposure, etc. We will not be legally responsible for any roof or home damage based on following this recommended roof maintenance schedule.

If you have questions or special requests, drop a line.