Tile Roofing

GERMAN ROOFING is known for the quality of our tile roofing services in the roofing community. There are several architectural styles to choose from. These styles include colonial, avant-garde, contemporary, and Mediterranean.

Expert Roofers

Our roofers enjoy working with tiles due to the vast array of styles, as well as their diverse color palette. In addition to their stylish and multi-colored variety, tiles also come in all shapes and sizes. Our tiles can be designed to be flat, round, or protrude or retract to give a concave or convex effect. We appreciate the diversity that only tile roofing can provide.


Tile Roofing Materials

Tile roofing is considered a light-weight structure and are appreciated for their durability. They energy efficient and require little maintenance to last for decades to come. Tiles have also proven their resistance against wind, hail, and snow for nearly a century.


Long-lasting and Cost-effective Roofing

If you do decide to use tile roofing as your roofing choice, we strongly recommend the use of concrete or clay tiles for several reasons. Clay and concrete tiles provide impressive longevity. Studies conducted in the roofing community have revealed that clay and concrete tiles can last up to a century under optimal conditions and they are very cost-effective.

There are several advantages to using tiles as your roofing solution, including their remarkable durability, diversity, and cost-effectiveness. GERMAN ROOFING will help you make the right roofing choice by providing you with a detailed quote and answering any questions you may have.