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Shake Roofing by German Roofing

Blending Rustic Charm with Arizona Resilience. GERMAN ROOFING offers expertly crafted shake roofing, combining rustic aesthetics with the durability needed for the Arizona environment. Wood shakes, known for their distinct, natural appearance, add a classic, warm touch to homes while offering adaptability to various architectural styles. Our high-quality shake are treated to resist the Arizona sun, ensuring longevity and maintaining their beautiful, weathered look over time. Choose shake roofing for a blend of traditional appeal and modern protection.

Our Shake Roofing Recommendations

Shake are another fairly popular choice due to their rustic look and design appeal. Shake are made up of logs and are also known as wood-based shingles. They are commonly used on the exteriors and roofs of homes around the world. For added protection, we recommend higher grade shake for your roofing needs to provide added protection against the elements. While shake are unique and will give you a rustic look, they also come with a higher upkeep cost and require regular maintenance throughout the lifetime of your roof.


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