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They did a great job cleaning up. I didn't even see the mess. He provided the materials after we told him what we wanted. It was an easy experience.


Manuel came and inspected my roof on a Sunday and submitted a very reasonable estimate. Manuel and his employees installed a new skylight and sealed cracks around the fireplace and other roof areas. They were very professional and performed excellent work. I would use Manuel and his employees again.


He was the third of three estimates. No pressure. He was very straightforward. He did a great job! Everything was cleaned up!! It was done in one day. Fantastic!!! I had 4 estimates and he was the cheapest!!!! The roof seems rock solid!!!!! He gave me an awesome price on putting another layer of shingles on the back of the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very satisfied.


It went very well. He was a very nice guy and very reasonably priced. He was very efficient and was there when he said he would be (half a day or so). The project was done just like that!


The crew removed, set aside and retiled over 600 ft. of tile. He replace the base felt and installed some galvanized metal edging to the perimeter of the roof. He also replaced a fascia board that was very weathered due to rain. This required him to re-stucco where the wood went into the house and paint, which was all done with extra care. There also was some telephone outside wiring that was attached to the wood which he carefully removed and reattached without affecting my telephone service .The job went very well. I was home the entire time and was able to continue working while they were doing the job. Manuel said it would take a two days to complete the work and that was exactly what they took. He was the second of three estimates and gave us two quotes based on the minimal it would take to do the job and the maximum after spending time inspecting the entire roof. My husband was aware of what was required so we went with the maximum job and are very satisfied.


I called on Sunday morning and they called back by 12 on Sunday. They said they would be out to check the area by 2 and they were right on time. We made arrangements to work on Tuesday at 10 and they were there until the job was done at 3. They cleaned up and I was very pleased with all the communication.


The job went better than I hoped for. The two men worked continually from morning 'til late afternoon and finished. This is in the hot Arizona sun. Neighbor men sat around and watched and remarked on what a great job they did. Took my down payment on October 1st and did the roof on October 3rd. Of the 4 companies recommended, 2 of them wanted to put new shingles over existing. I know this is crap, so they were eliminated right away. Numbers 1 and 2 knew not to put new shingles over old. 3 & 4 did not, or didn't care.


After having several bad experiences with repair services in the Mesa, AZ area. We had many leaks in our manufactured home roof and knew the roof was bad. We decided to replace the roof and found the German Roofing Company. It was one of the few companies that had an all 'A' rating, and it was located in Mesa. Overall the German Roofing Company is one of the best service experiences we have had in years. Manuel, the owner met with us the same day we called, Saturday, and gave us an estimate that was lower than any other estimate we had received. He and his helpers began work the following Monday, around noon. They came prepared to remove our double layer of asphalt shingles and did so in record time. They had all of the necessary equipment to do their work, hauled off all of the debris and cleaned up as they went along. We soon learned that we had a series of large holes in our roof and that the ten plywood panels that Manuel had promised to replace would necessarily need to be increased along with several rafters. No problem for Manuel. After removing everything from the old roof, the team from German Roofing had the old roof off and replaced our roof with the necessary new plywood panels, four rafters, 15 lb. rolled underlayment paper and 30-year-asphalt shingles. All in record time. This crew worked constantly from the time they arrived in the morning until they left in late afternoon. If they stopped to eat or drink, we never knew about it. There was very little talking between them, no bad language and no loud music. We could not be happier with our choice and hope anyone who is living in a manufactured home with a bad roof, will give the German Roofing Company a call. Due to the severe damage that was found under the shingles of our roof, the $3500.00 of the original estimate only increased slightly by $250.00. Our roof was ready for the next rain storm two days after they began their work. It took them a total of two full days. We highly recommend the German Roofing Company. Manuel and his men deserve a triple A-PLUS for the job they did for us.


Manuel arrived on time to give me an estimate. He gave me an estimate for repairing the roof and also for completely redoing the roof. He explained his estimate very thoroughly. I asked what he recommended-just repair what needed fixing or redo the whole roof. He recommended the later. I felt he was being honest and not just looking for more work. I decided to redo the whole roof because I didn't want to have to deal with repairs again in a few years. His crew worked very hard each day and left things very neat when they left in the evening. Manuel said the job would take five days and that's exactly what it took. It hasn't rained since the work was done, but, it appears they did a very good job. The roof looks very nice. They replaced boards that needed replacing and painted them to match the rest of the house. Manuel has assured me if I have any problems, I should call him and he will fix it. Manuel was not here for the first few days and his crew did not speak English, but, he told me if I had any questions to call him on his cell phone and he would relay the message to his crew. I called once and he was very responsive. I asked him if while they were up on the roof they could trim the palm trees that were brushing against the roof. They did that and hauled the palm fronds away. The only suggestion I can make for improving their service was they arrived about 1 1/2 hours later than I expected on the first day. He explained they were waiting to see what the weather was going to do. That was perfectly understandable and not a problem. I would have appreciated a call telling me they would be delayed. Bottom line is they did the job in the time they said it would take, at the price they quoted me, they were very professional, and the roof looks very nice.


Got referral name, called and came out next morning at time specified and provided a written proposal for the work to be done. Agreed on start time and date two days later; arrived with two helpers at the exact time and began work promptly. Completed entire roofing job within four hours, cleaned up and hauled debris away. Extremely professional. No longer dread the Monsoon season to set in here in the desert! Our roof won't leak...yippee.


They fixed a huge leak that 3 other companies could not fix. We have had a rainstorm since and it worked great.


I called German Roofing & Manuel came over the next day which was a Saturday to examine the roof. He gave us a written proposal after inspecting the roof which included securing the loose tiles, replacing the broken tiles, repairing or replacing roof jacks as needed & fixing concrete motor bulls which were leaking. We felt the proposal was fair & arranged for him to come back the following week and complete the work. Manuel showed up on time & did the work as arranged for $225. We had wind damage four years ago that we reported to our insurance company & it cost us 3 times as much to have that fixed.


Several weeks after German Roofing replaced my entire roof, I noticed a tile had popped up; I called German Roofing to ask that it be looked at before the monsoon rains began. I received prompt replies and quick service with the tile being reset immediately.


In hot heat of June roofers did great. Arrived early and stayed till mid-afternoon. Were never in way of family activities. Cleaned up each day. Hammering on roof wasn't too bad, no way around it.


It was very hot, but he worked very well and did a great job.


He was good, and I have had a very nice experience with him. He was professional, fast, and reasonably priced. He listened well. The quality of his work was excellent.


I had Manuel come out to give me a quote on my home and also on my rental property. He was punctual and professional and gave me a competitive quote. They replaced the patio roofs on both properties in a timely manner. The quality of the work more than met my satisfaction. His employees were professional and left both properties tidy. They hauled away the rotted lumber and debris from the project. I have high regard for their work and would not hesitate for a minute to refer anyone looking for a quality roofing specialist to them.


I noticed the wood on the fascia of my patio was rotting. When I did some further inspecting, and found 'bounciness' on top of the roof too (above the same patio), I decided to call a roofing company. Manuel came and gave me a free inspection and said that the roof above my patio had many leaks (caused by holes left from nails) but the structure had not been compromised. He said I would need to replace the fascia trim and, more importantly, the roofing material and wood covered by that material for the area of about 19' x 12'.Manuel arrived on a hot July morning with his helper and immediately got to work stripping the top layers of roofing off. The guys worked throughout the very hot day and answered any questions I had while they worked (I tried not to bother them too much). Instead of using nails (like whoever worked on my roof before I bought it), Manuel used rolled roof material so I would not have a repeat of the problem. When they finished the work, I gave it a visual inspection and walked on my roof and the bounciness was gone. I am very relieved to have this issue behind me and German Roofing did a great job.


We had an excellent experience. Manuel was courteous and professional. He and his crew arrived promptly and worked very long hours, so the job was completed in a very timely way. They were neat and cleaned up at the end of every day. We were extremely impressed and would definitely use German Roofing again.


It went very well. No problems. Excellent service and communication from start to finish. Would definitely use again.


German was excellent from start to finish. Manuel arrived promptly as promised and provided a detailed quote, which was lower than the four other companies we contacted. He was also available to do the work weeks earlier than the other companies. We later decided to expand the job to include the whole roof, not just the area that had produced the leaks. His workmen were diligent. The job was completed as planned. They cleaned up completely and offered a 6-year warranty on their work. It's rained once since then and no leaks. We chose German because of the A ratings we found. We agree. These are the guys to go with if you have the misfortune to need roof repairs.


They arrived on time and installed my two roof turbines in about an hour. The price for installation was significantly lower than any other bids. The work included a five year guarantee on the install (depends on the condition of the roof). I would use them again and happily recommend this company to my friends.


They were on time from start to finish. The work looks outstanding, and the job site was really clean when they left.


Perfect. Manuel was punctual and professional. He did exactly what he said he would do and even did extra work at no charge. I can't say enough positive things about his business.


We solicited bids from three roofers, one never responded, and a second offered a lower price, but left the door open for perhaps hundreds of dollars added on if any difficulties occurred. Manuel, from German, gave us an all-inclusive bid. This meant a lot as we were asking to have our old, unused swamp cooler removed along with removing and replacing the shingles. We opted for the whitest shingles we could get as the desert sun is just plain brutal. They installed 30-year, asphalt shingles along with white metal flashing to match the existing wood trim. Existing roof vents were removed and replaced and all vent and exhaust pipes were re-sealed. We noticed that our air conditioner is running more quietly and assume that the removal of the swamp cooler and the closure of that hole in the roof will also result in savings because hot or cold air doesn't go out the swamp cooler anymore. It looks great.. After a slow start, since Manuel and crew arrived a bit late, it went really well. The crew worked until 5 the first day and, after arriving about 6-6:30 the second day, they went until after 5. The roof was completely done on the third day. I was impressed that they took the time to remove some border bricks to avoid damaging them before bringing their truck onto the yard. They replaced them as soon as they took away all the old material. The previous owner had had a second layer of shingles installed over the original shingles, so the demolition was literally twice as much as usual. Combined with taking off the old swamp cooler, there was a lot to haul off. Some plywood was replaced, gaps around pipes and vents were sealed, and the new shingles look great. I recommend this company.


On April 26, 2010 I had German Roofing come to my home to give me an estimate for a complete re-roof of my home. I met with Manuel Garcia and found him to be very pleasant and knowledgeable in his field. He provided me with an estimate that day. I received 3 more estimates before making the final decision to have German Roofing do the job. Once I contacted Manuel to accept his bid, he was very prompt in meeting with me and discussing the roof details (shingle types, wood that needed to be replaced etc.) His crew start on Wednesday May 12 and completed the job on Friday May 14. They were very professional and courteous. When they left each day everything was completely cleaned up. They had to replace some wood on the roof as well as some fascia and they did a great job. I feel lucky to have found them. I would completely recommend them.


I live in CA, so I made an apt for him to inspect the roof and give an estimate on 7/5/10 since I could be there that week. He showed up on time and after inspection indicated that there was leaking around the chimney and that there was damaged wood and tarpaper in that area. I OK'd the job and as promised he and his crew showed up on Wed, started in right away and finished on time on Thurs. He held true to his estimate. Obviously, until it receives some reasonable amount of rain, I couldn't assess how good the job was. This week heavy rains hit and so far there is no evidence of leakage. I will report back if that changes.


They came 45 minutes early, did job thoroughly, cleaned up nicely, and answered all my questions about the job professionally and prevented me from getting extra work done that I didn't need. Very happy with Manuel and his helper. I waited to provide this report until after a good rainfall. I would say the microburst that ripped up Univ. of Phoenix stadium roof in Glendale that isn't far from my house on Thursday July 29th and the subsequent rain on Saturday the 31st and August 1st provided an excellent test for Manuel’s roof repairs. No leaks detected from the inside of the house, I inspected the roof today, all looks to be in place on the outside and the job was very thoroughly done. I'm very happy with his services.


Very well. This is my second experience with German Roofing and they continue to do very good work. Manuel also recommended adding furring strips around the perimeter to prevent water runoff from staining the structure. I also recommended them to a friend who gave them positive reviews as well. I will definitely use them again.


I had a leak near my bay window. The roofers removed approx. 100 square feet of tile and felt, applied new felt and flashing, and added metal valleys to direct the draining water more effectively.Great experience. Manuel came out within 24 hours after we called about the leak. He found the problem and gave us a free estimate. Two days later the roofers arrived and completed the work in a few hours. They were very professional and cleaned up outside.


Applies to 400 sq. ft. of entire patio roof/roof: Removed rolled roof from patio, applied new SA-SBS base sheet, & new SA-SBS cap sheet over patio roof. Removed and replaced 20+ ft. of 2'x8' facet board, installed new 2x2 drip edge, replaced 2 broken roofing tiles, and cleaned off entire roof. Had to dis-engage misting system to apply new boards, which had begun to rot. Replaced it, no problem. .Called Manuel and arranged for an estimate. He showed up on time, and was very professional. He gave us 2 bids, one for patio area roof only, and one for entire roof area. We needed work on the roof itself, and the patio roof, so we opted for the bigger job. He and his crew showed up on time, on the date agreed to. They worked diligently, in the August heat, to get the job 95% completed. They completed the job, early the next morning. (The job was bid, as possibly needing more than one day). They did a FABULOUS job, cleaned up after themselves, and displayed the utmost in professionalism. We had searched to find a roofer for a friend of ours. He had used German Roofing, and was beyond pleased. That is why we called Manuel for our job. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MANUEL'S COMPANY, GERMAN ROOFING. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!


My home is a single story 1900 sq. ft. + 80 sq. ft. of patio. Needed work done after the bad storm 2-3 months ago. Manuel pulled off two layers of shingles, replaced 4-5 plywood that had been damaged, installed new rolled roof on patio and the rest of the home (30 year shingles), 3 new turbines, gutters and drainage the length of the patio. They also painted the plywood that was replaced on the patio. The two other companies quoted said 'we don't do paint.' Now time to wait for the rain to see what happens. They will even come out and inspect it for free. They are the only ones working on my roof from now on and anyone else I know. A++ Manuel Showed up on time and even adjusted his schedule for my last minute time change. I received 3 quotes and Manuel was the best. He explained the work to be completed for replacing my entire roof and patio. Seems to be very helpful and knowledgeable. The job took almost 3 days to complete. The work area was always clean at the end of the day and when they completed.


I had a cracked roof tile that needed replacing. The texture of the tile could not be matched exactly, but the color was. Since it was on a part of the roof that can't be seen from the street I was perfectly fine with that. He replaced the tile, and even left me a 2nd tile for no charge! He arrived on time, completed the repair, and was very fair, friendly and professional. I would use his services again .I had a cracked roof tile that needed replacing. The texture of the tile could not be matched exactly, but the color was. Since it was on a part of the roof that can't be seen from the street I was perfectly fine with that. He replaced the tile, and even left me a 2nd tile for no charge! He arrived on time, completed the repair, and was very fair, friendly and professional. I would use his services again.


I had him back recently to tidy up a couple of things. They were absolutely terrific. They were excellent throughout. They were reliable with a reasonable cost. It was reasonable for the quality. They were an upstanding contractor throughout. I had no problems with scheduling. He is very responsible and timely. He is very client-oriented. He was very flexible and does excellent work. He deserves as many people as he gets. You will not be disappointed choosing this contractor. I give him a glowing recommendation. He has a great personality and is very responsive. He switched from the last minute from an asphalt to a tile roof with no added fees. He is extraordinarily flexible and client-centered.


They were very timely and very thorough. They were fantastic. They were reliable, efficient, and really great. We’ve used them more than once because we had a leak a while ago and we called them back when we had the damage from the hail storm. They were prompt and clean; I never came home thinking that there was work going on in the house because everything was always neatly placed. Their prices were very reasonable. We were talking about putting in expensive skylights and he told us that they wouldn’t make a very big difference. I thought that was very honest.


Manuel removed and replaced the existing shingles on the
back of my house. He did a great job and clean up perfectly!!!
It took him 2 days. I wasn't home but there were no sign of left over debris!!!


We called German roofing to get an evaluation of the damage of our roof after the hail storm of 10/7/2010. Our HOA is still fighting with the insurance company, and we wanted an independent evaluation to get a feeling of how serious the damage was and whether the insurance company had a point or was trying to rip us off. Manuel came exactly at the time he promised, inspected the roof, and gave us a very professional and accurate assessment of the damage and his recommendations for repairing it. My husband is a professional who understands the technicalities of roofing and materials, and was very pleased with Manuel's explanations. It turned out that the insurance company has a point, so I am very happy we called Manuel to get an independent opinion. Although he didn't perform the repair (because we have to do it through our HOA) we highly recommend him and would use his services in the future.


Removed an old existing patio roof, including plywood and surrounding side boards, checked for cracked tiles and replaced the patio roofing as well as tiles. They also checked and cleaned small areas where the roof meets the patio.This is the second time that I have used this company. Three years ago when I lived at a different address, these people repaired a leak in the main roof, one over the garage and a third one on the patio. They did a great job, showed up on time for the estimates as well as the work and they were reasonably priced, I called them after I could not get two other companies to show up or do the job. Once again German roofing came through. THEY SHOW UP ON TIME AND DO THE JOB WELL. This is really all I want..


Put on a new roof on my patio as it had been leaking for some time and had many rotten boards and even one main beam had to be replaced along with many sheets of plywood. Manuel had to go and have a special beam made to match the other one holding up my patio roof. He drove clear across town to get that beam. He even replaced the metal around the edge of the roof with a wider piece to prevent this from happening again. He went up the main roof and replaced several layers with a water tight base and new shingles to stop water from getting under patio roof. He even replaced many sheets of plywood along the edge of my roof and the other roofers said only one sheet was bad. Quality job from my point of view. I was going to paint them but Manuel said no he would do that. He did a complete job. Excellent job would recommend this company to anyone interested in fixing roof leaks or a new roof. Quality of work was outstanding. Explained my options and cost of each option. They understood roofing and the best approach to fix the roof long term so it would not leak in just a few years. Explained in detail why one approach was better but never tried to sell anything expensive. Let me decide, no high-pressure sales pitch. Even came into my house and we looked on the computer at the types of roofing and their long-term benefits. Manuel knew his roofs as I had six different roofers come out and try to explain the problem. All six gave me different explanations. I was beginning to think roofing is rocket science. 🙂 Also Manuel's helper was an experienced roofer. They took their time did not rush the job and did it right. Exceeded my expectations. They cleaned up each night after they had worked on the roof and left my patio cleaner then they found it. This is the roofer you want: I found Manuel to be honest, hardworking, and did a job of craftsmanship. As a retired tool room machinist and mold maker I love seeing craftsmanship in this day and age of declining hurry up and get it done service. German roofing will be who I call when I need more than the patio roofed.


My husband contacted three roofing companies and selected German Roofing due to Manuel's responsiveness. He gave us a quote to repair hail damage and showed up on time to start the job. When he arrived on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 my husband asked him to look over the entire roof. He gave us a quote for the area that was damaged during a hail storm and we accepted it. Manuel and his crew started the job of removing the 20 year old tar paper! While in the process my husband asked if there were any other significant problems. He told my husband that the original roofer failed to put up any flashing at all and didn't use any drip edge. We knew that we had had a problem because there were sections of our eves that were rotting.

My husband asked what it would take to repair the entire roof. We got a quote that was very reasonable and decided to have the whole roof repaired. We were extremely satisfied with the work done. They even replaced all the areas of rotted wood and repainted the new wood. If you are looking for reliable and hard workers and getting your money’s worth, then these are your guys. They exceeded our expectations!


Due to hail damage my whole roof was to be replaced on my 1550 sq. ft. home that was built in 1987. Tear out old shingles and tar paper, replace all with my chosen color from the samples provided, repaired or replaced all the flashing and roof jacks, install 2x2 drip railing over entire perimeter of house (it was not installed originally). They also replace all the plywood over the extended patio. The new wood that was replaced was also painted to match the house. Manuel Garcia, who is the owner of German Roofing, came out and did the estimate. He also did the final painting and did a final walk through with me to make sure I was happy. He was extremely polite and was not a hard salesman, which I dislike. He provided me with just the facts about the roof and my options. He and his crew were punctual and started and finished when he said they would. The price was very reasonable for the amount of work to be done. There was good communication through email, text, and phone calls. I really like the fact that this is truly a family owned and operated business and you deal directly with the owner. Manuel was an absolute pleasure to work with and this is the company I will be using for both my primary residence and rental homes for future needs.


The piece was reasonable. The job was completed one day. It looks great.


Great experience with manual and German Roofing! Highly recommend. Arrived on time, got right down to business, did quality work at a fair price. Will call manual again if roofing is needed. Thank you Manuel.


Replaced roof shingles. Removed two layers of old shingles, our unused swamp cooler, all trim, soffit, etc. The whole job took less than three days.It went well. We chose this roofer because he included everything in his price estimate instead of low-balling the work and then adding on bits and pieces as another roofer did. The other roofer was recommended by our neighbor, which was why we called them. Now, two years later, through some rather intense storms we've found our shingles remain fully intact while some of those of our neighbors have blown off. This is the best testimony to the quality of work of this company.


Manuel Garcia replaced the patio roof on my house. He also replaced several placed on my roof. He and crew did a great job. The work included replacing rotted decking.


German roofing was very responsive, both for coming out initially to prepare their bid and then most expeditiously for doing the work. We were concerned about the possibility for further damage and German made an extra effort on our behalf to come out and complete the repairs on Saturday, just a day after our responding to their bid. They made an extra effort to be responsive since their original schedule had them coming to do the work the following week. This proved extremely fortunate since immediately after completing their work we experienced a heavy rain storm. The repairs held up perfectly. We are very thankful and appreciative for the work German roofing did for us and highly recommend them.


Our flat roof was completely power cleaned, repainted and resealed. Cracks in the stucco were filled, sealed and repainted. This was the regular 5 year maintenance that is typically required for flat roofed houses .The German Roofing crew arrived when they said they would on the day they said they'd be here. They worked hard and efficiently, even in the 105+ degree Arizona summer heat. The roof was in worse shape than we thought it was or should be since the house is only 5 years old. They gave us a complete summary of everything that was wrong and it was much more comprehensive than any other roof inspections we had. They found leaks around the air conditioning unit on the roof where cool air was escaping and cracks that shouldn't have been in a roof that is as relatively new as ours. Bottom line was the builder of our house clearly cut corners in construction and in quality of work. German Roofing identified the problems and included the repair in the quote, which was approximately half of what the next lowest quote was. We accepted their proposal and they got the job done in two days, as they said they would. Everything was cleaned up at the end of the job and we are very happy with the work that they performed. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any type of roof work. The crew worked hard to get the job done on time and showed up on time, which is rare when dealing with most contractors. Highly recommended for roof repair and maintenance, especially in the harsh weather environment of Arizona.


Had some roof tiles ripped off during a monsoon microburst wind and had 22 tiles replaced. Manuel came and inspected the roof and gave me a detailed estimate. 1 week later he had the tile and his crew came and fixed the roof. Manuel came about 2 hrs. After the work was done to get the payment and make sure we were satisfied.


My husband and I had a few estimates done for the replacement of our underlayment. German roofing was by far the best priced and most honest. One of the other companies said the roofing on our patio overhang needed replacement, but Manuel (from German Roofing) said it's just fine and looks like it's pretty new. The workers were fantastic. They worked though the heat/humidity and did a very thorough job. They cleaned up after themselves. They did such great work for a very fair price. My husband and I are very pleased with their work. No one needed to be home for the estimate, which was convenient. They were fast at being able to come out and sending us an estimate. We were also going to start the following week but storms pushed the start date back. They started as soon as the storms were gone and were here every day except Sunday and labor day (which we figured they would take off...and it was a well-deserved break for them). They were always here in the morning, always worked into the early evening...I don't know what else to say. They were very hard workers. It was nice that no one needed to be home when they were working. They would just come and start working and then leave when they were done for the day.


Workers arrived on time and did their work in a professional and timely manner.


During the Monsoon's this year we developed a leak in one of our bedrooms. I had German Roofing come out to inspect the roof and discovered that the roof tiles had been originally installed incorrectly so that they didn't properly overlap, thereby cause deterioration of the underpinning and damage to the wood base. They gave me an estimate which included redoing the whole roof properly. They even gave me options for a partial fix, but I decided to get it done right. .They arrived when they said they would and performed the work in the estimated time. I didn't even have to be here when they worked on it. When they got the tiles removed they showed me the damage that had occurred. When they finished they did a great job of cleanup all around the house. They were very professional and hard workers.


We had a roof inspection, at that time numerous tiles were found to be broken. A time to replace the broken tiles and repair the damage to the felt underneath was made. This was done within 1 week. They were on time, worked around my wife's work schedule. The work was accomplished quickly and no mess was left behind at all


We had a leak over our front porch. They replaced bad wood and put new underlayment over repair area then replaced all tile and put new tile where some were broken. They did a great job repairing our roof. When the workers were done they cleaned everything up.


I had some tiles from the roof disappear due to wind. I called them, they fixed the tiles and re-caulked around them so they would not come off again. .I was impressed that they repaired the tiles and did not charge me for the service even though the damage was not caused by their workmanship.


He fixed a leak. Honest hard worker pleased to hire again tomorrow. Arrived on time and was very friendly. Gave us a written estimate of a couple minor repairs that need to be done, and explained everything to us.


Manuel is absolutely fantastic. He came out same day for a quote and when they came back to do the work a few days later, his team was on time, the price was right, and they did great work. I'd use him and his team again in a heartbeat.


I purchased the $49 Post Monsoon Roof Tune-Up. The deal included roof inspection, photos and summary report, plus $100 discount toward repairs.I have a 20 year old concrete tile roof. Some tiles have started to crack due to age and fall to the ground during the monsoons. Manuel inspected the roof and provided a detailed summary of the condition of the roof and the repairs needed. My impression is that Manuel is very detail oriented and would do a good job. My insurance company had previously inspected the roof and estimated the repairs should cost about $600 Manuel estimated $659 after the discount. I intend to get a second estimate just to compare.


I have used German roofing in the past for a complete re-roof of my home and was exceptionally pleased with the work done and the price charged. Manuel and his crew are rare in the fact that I felt completely secure in their honesty and their workmanship. From the good experiences that I had on two occasions with them, I will definitely use them in the future.


Patio roof of 10 foot by 20 foot had developed a leak where it connected to the house. The entire roof was replaced. Two men arrived a little bit late because the morning was a little too cold to do the work. But they got right to work and finished the work in three hours. Very pleasant to deal with. They cleaned up completely and nothing was disturbed.


They started working on the roof, replacing tiles, preparing and sealing any holes in the roof area around stand pipes and so on. I asked some questions concerning some rot occurring on the fascia round the house. I was giving good honest answers about that and given an approximate replacement time frame for a roof replacement and cost. I would definitely recommend them to others needing roofing work done.


After a heavy rain, there was an area in our bathroom ceiling/wall that was leaking. I did research and came across German Roofing. They came out, inspected the area, gave me a bid and came back a few days later and did the repair. I didn't even get other bids or appraisals, that's how confident I was in German Roofing. I will most definitely use them again!!!


They replaced the whole roof in a timely manner. They removed the shingles and felt, replaced bad plywood, installed new felt and shingles, Installed a new drip edge and new A/C line, removed and replaced 2 turbines, sealed all penetrations, hauled away all debris. They did the job quickly and professionally, and kept the yard clean. They did not charge a cent over their estimation. I will ask them to replace another roof.


I have used German Roofing. They repaired our roof. They also inspected and reinforced the roof over our patio.I was very pleased with them. They were very flexible and gave me couple of discounts for being older. They were able to reinforce the roof over the patio instead of redoing it and I was very happy with that. They were out here almost immediately and did everything on time.


Removed old cracked tile roof, replaced felt, flashing and new composite shingle roof with new attic turbines. Work was beautiful and done on time. Clean-up was spotless. I truly got my money's worth.


Roof tiles removed, double layer of underlayment placed, new wood replaced where necessary, new tiles where needed and all tiles put back .Manuel Garcia, German Roofing's estimator is a very pleasant and sincere man. German Roofing's crew that performed the work was always on time and always very cordial and polite. This crew worked all day and at the end of the day made sure everything was left picked up and clean. We were very pleased with them.


German Roofing completes some minor repairs on my roof. The work was done while I was not home and everything was done as discussed prior. German Roofing also made a list of additional suggested work to be done. I declined the additional work. Each person I spoke to was pleasant and professional. The work was done in a timely manner and correctly on the first attempt. I would work with German Roofing again.


Our rental property had a leak in the roof that had also affected a portion of the inside ceiling in the kitchen. Manuel repaired both the external and internal issue including texturing and painting the ceiling to match the existing. We initially had a miscommunication due to efforts to contact our tenants, but German Roofing handled the problem professionally and we were very satisfied with their communication and their efforts to work so diligently around the schedules of the tenants to get the job complete.


Replaced roof / great job! Professional / efficient.


They replaced 5 sections of my roof where leaks were occurring in the house. The estimator came on the day and time promised and was professional and courteous. He inspected inside and then on the roof. He gave me an estimate to repair the sections of roof causing the leaks and then one to replace the entire roof. They guarantee the repair work for 5 years. The crew came on the day promised and on time. They finished the work in 3 days and left no mess or debris behind. The cost was the same as the estimate. I am thoroughly pleased with the job and recommend German roofing without reservation.


Description Of Work:
Cleaned and recoated foam roof, replaced wind-damaged shingles, replaced broken tiles and sealed water leaks around edge of foam. .Manuel showed up within a week after we called for an estimate. Listened to our concerns, as well as suggesting work that needed to be done. They began work on the day promised and finished in two days. Very professional job, pleasant to work with, and quoted a fair price. We would not hesitate to use German Roofing again.


Replaced 21 year old roof, everything except the tile which was reused and is standard practice. Everything was completed on-time and on-estimate. They cleaned up every day and I would use German Roofing again. .Everything went well. All arrival times were met and no problems were encountered.


We just had the pleasure of having German Roofing complete a repair job on our shingle main roof and replacement of our rolled patio roof. Manuel was very responsive to my inquiry. He came by and provided an estimate within a couple of days of the initial call. We consulted with several other roofing companies, and none provided the level of service of German Roofing. It was an easy decision to go with German Roofing. Not only was the lead time very reasonable, Manuel called and we were able to get the work done a day earlier than originally scheduled. Communication was excellent. The workers were very nice and came out and did a great job. Our roof is very old and will need a complete replacement in the near future. German Roofing will definitely be the top choice for our business. Thanks!


Replaced broken/lose tiles. Great communication, did just as he said he would. Thank you. Very cut and dry, called him to check roof at rental home after a dust storm. He showed up, called with a quote, I hired him and he did the work just as he said he would. Sent an invoice in the mail. No problems at all.


They were great. They were on time. We met Manuel, he called us. He talked to my husband. They sent some guys out and did a great job. He gave us a couple of different options. We were very pleased with his work. We haven't had any problems.


They did a good job. They were here when they told me they would be. They were very efficient and left it nice and clean. They did everything they said they would do. The price was good.


We contacted German Roofing for a pre-purchase estimate. He walked the roof and inspected its condition along with prior repairs. Manuel came out on a Saturday as scheduled for a free estimate. He answered our telephone calls and responded to all requests for communication. He told us we would have an estimate on Tuesday or Wednesday. We needed the estimate more quickly due to the end of our inspection period coming up and he was able to get it to us later Monday evening. I can't judge the quality of their work. Their estimate was lower than I was expecting. I am pleased with their professionalism and will certainly consider them to perform the necessary roof replacement.


Manuel came out and inspected my roof and gave me a detailed estimate on the spot to do a tear off and reroof plus replace quite a bit of damaged roofing over my patio. The crew showed up on the day scheduled and finished the job in three days as planned. They cleaned up every day before they left and I am very happy with the results. I had one small issue on the final inspection and Manuel got his crew back out and took care of it in two days. He came in right on the money as per the estimate. I had gotten three estimates and Manuel was tied with one of the others, but because of the excellent record he has. I went with German Roofing and I'm glad I did.


Manuel came to the house and gave me a price which was much less than the other two bids I obtained. I was a little skeptical at first - did these guys know what they were doing? After reading their positive reviews I took a chance and let them go ahead. It was a very pleasant surprise for me! The two workers showed up when they were scheduled, worked hard, and completed the job on time and within budget. The roof looks great! I would recommend German Roofing without any reservation.


We had a close to 30 year old clay tile roof with multiple leaks. Manuel came out, gave us a price. Of three bids, his fell right in the middle. His crew was able to start about 2-3 weeks after we gave him the go-ahead. Communication was good, the crew showed up on time, and worked very hard throughout the course of the project. 3,000 sq. feet took about 8 days from start to finish. The project involved tearing off the old clay tiles, installing new underlayment, replacing and re-mortaring clay tiles into place. Skylights had to be removed, as well. The only drawback was related to a bit of a language barrier with the crew, but all my questions and/or concerns were addressed, either by the one man who spoke a tiny bit of English or through phone calls/emails with German roofing. Manuel (who does speak English) also stopped by one day to check progress. I used a garden hose on the roof to check for leaks and, besides the roof looking great, there are no leaks from what I can tell. The crew did a good job with clean-up and even left me some replacement tiles for the future. Very nice group of guys who seemed to care about the work they did. I'd hire them again.


We received the quote in a timely manner and had them replace the roof. They came on the day scheduled, cleaned up the yard every day before they left, and were professional in their job. We were pleased with the overall work.


I called Manuel for an estimate to inspect my roof, and repair some tiles and joints. He quoted me a price for a roof maintenance service, and made an appointment for a week later. He called me a day before the appointment and said he would be in the area the next day, and would it be alright for him to come then.
He arrived on time, and after inspecting my roof, told me there was not enough work to charge me the entire maintenance fee. He quoted me a much lower price and proceeded to fix the tiles and joints needing repair.
It was very refreshing to deal with such an honest businessman, I will definitely call German Roofing again for any roofing concerns.


It was excellent. We had called someone else previously and they wanted to redo a major section of the roof. This company suggested that we do the minimum repair to the leak and replace the whole roof at a later date.


We used German Roofing. I have a tile roof and the underlayment needed to be replaced, so he removed all the tiles, he removed all the old underlayment and plywood where necessary and he replaced it with 2 layers of underlayment. He also installed a skylight, solar tube light and an exhaust vent for my stove.. He did a really good job. They were all very professional and very clean and the he had to get a drywall person come in to do a lot of the inside work and he did an excellent job and he cleaned up after himself every day and it was a very good experience. After the roof work was done, there were a couple of things that I noticed and they kept coming and asking the guy to fix it and he never asked for full payment until I was completely satisfied and his guys had come back and fixed any minor issues. I would definitely recommend him, he provides quality service for a good price.


German Roofing was the most competitive pricing of the 3 estimates we obtained. The work was performed timely and very professionally done. The crew cleaned up each day and never left a mess. When I had a question, all I did was email the office and within the hour a response was received. Great company and would use them again without question.


Manuel and Dianna were outstanding! The work was scheduled about five days out, however, in the meantime heavy rain storms were predicted. Manuel got his crew out to do the repairs on a Saturday morning with half a days’ notice before the rain hit. Rained hard, but no leaks! I highly recommend German roofing!


We called for an estimate during the second week of May. Manuel, the owner, came out and gave us an estimate. He was a very pleasant man, knowledgeable and to the point. The previous roof, which had been replaced about 6 years ago was done with poor quality materials and explained why and what type of materials he would be using. His was the 3rd of 3 estimates we got and was the middle price of the 3. He impressed us with his knowledge and we told him we would call the referrals that he gave us. We called and they were very pleased with German Roofing. We called Manny back and he scheduled us for June 3rd. His people showed up at about 1 p.m. on the 3rd took off the old roof and paper, cleaned up everything, including all of the nails, using one of those electronic magnets (I guess I'm easy to impress LOL). The crew was here at 7:30 the next morning and had finished the roof and complete cleanup by 5 p.m. They managed to get in and out of the pasture without running over any of our chickens, which is a good trick in itself. Manny called that evening to be sure that we were satisfied with the way his crew worked. We told him we were happy with them and he said he would call back in a few days to give the shingles times to warm from the sun and start to lay flat, then he would come over to check it and make sure everything was done well. About 5 days later he called, and we had all 100 degree days so the shingles were all flat. I asked if he would like the check at that time, he said no, wait another week for it to settle fully. I would recommend this company to anyone that needs roofing. We will have him back when our house roof needs to be done. By the way, our house roof looks, to me like it is getting close to needing replacement. Would you believe that Manny said, oh no, you probably have another 3 or 4 years before you need a new roof. Have you ever been told by a craftsman that he DIDN'T want your money right now??


We used German Roofing to redo our roof; it was Mission tiles. They redid the underlayment and replaced the fascia with metal fascia.The underlayment was not made for these tiles so the previous owners always had problems with the roof. They used all of the tiles. They were very good about cleaning up. They gave us an estimate. My husband had a couple of issues and the owner came back. We live 70-75 miles away and he made the trip out here. We had 3 estimates and he was more expensive but he seemed to know more what he was doing and offered more service. We were very happy with it. We don't have any concerns with rain coming in. We have been very pleased. We didn't mind paying more for the service because we thought he was going to provide a better service We have recommended him to other people. We have been completely satisfied. His price was very fair for what they provided. We would absolutely use them again.


The work crew was punctual and tidy. All seemed to go well. The price seemed about on par with other quotes but in hind sight I thing others provided a longer warranty. I had some questions for the crew regarding new solar tubes I had recently installed but there was a slight language barrier. This was not a huge deal as the foreman of the crew put me in touch with the owner via his cell phone. The work was very professional.


Installed new shingles and Replaced asphalt shingles on garage roof.German Roofing matched my existing 10 year perfectly. I made the mistake of hiring another contractor to build an addition on to my garage. That contractor had problems showing up and couldn't complete the project. I had to find another contractor to complete the installation of the roof. I called several roofing contractors this time, but no one wanted the job. German Roofing admitted this was a non-standard job and was difficult to quote, yet Manuel was willing to work with me on a time and material basis, which was more than any other roofing contractor was willing to do.
German Roofing's repairmen showed up exactly as promised two days later. It took them two trips to complete the work, but still finished it the following day and for the price we agreed upon. German Roofing matched the shingles and the pattern on the new roof exactly. I cannot tell where the new roof starts and the old roof ends. We have had two heavy rains since German Roofing completed the job and no leaks. I would rather work with a small company where the owners answer their own phones even though it may be a little harder to reach them. It beats dealing with larger company's call center operators. Larger companies may answer the phone 72 hrs/week, but they work off a script and don't know their business like German Roofing. Have some patience people. Quality workmanship doesn't work like fast food. I'll be calling German Roofing next time I need roofing work done right.


Before this roofer came to my house I had paid for a 'roof tune-up' with another roofer. That company sent out a technician who looked at the roof and the leak in my bathroom, told me a repair would cost $4000-5000 but that the roof was on its 'last legs' and would need to be replaced in two or three years for $18,000. Since the house is a million-dollar custom home built in 1998 I believed I was being scammed. I then called German Roofing. I received a call back within a day. Manuel came out a told me the roof was fine and the repair would cost $1100. They scheduled the appointment for the following week, came out on time, and completed the repair. Despite the recent monsoon storms, the leak has clearly been fixed. I am very impressed with the professionalism of this company, and their customer service, the attention to a quality repair. They were prompt and professional. Did not recommend unnecessary repairs. .I would not hesitate to use them again.


Inspection of roof inside and out for leaks and needed repairs. Reset some tiles. Roofing. I received a call back within a day. Manuel came out a told me the roof was fine and the repair would cost $1100. They scheduled the appointment for the following week, came out on time, and completed the repair. Despite the recent monsoon storms, the leak has clearly been fixed. I am very impressed with the professionalism of this company, and their customer service, the attention to a quality repair. I would not hesitate to use them again.. .It was extremely well and I am more than satisfied. This is an outstanding, honest, and reliable contractor.


We feel like they gave us a fair price and did an excellent job on the roof and we would definitely recommend them to others looking for a good roof without breaking the bank.


Removed two layers of asphalt shingles and put new dimensional shingles on. .Had a small crew of two or three workers. They worked diligently in the 100+ heat to get the old asphalt shingles off and the new dimensional asphalt shingles on. Although this is a small family business we would definitely recommend them to others looking for a quality roof at a decent price. We received quotes from four roofers and German Roofing was the one we decided to go with. Competitive price based on square footage. Several of the other roofers quoted way more square than our actual roof size. German Roofing and one other company quoted closer to our actual size roof.


Removed and installed new patio roof, including fascia boards and plywood where needed. Manuel provided a detailed proposal and explained all the work that would be done. His employees did a great job, and they left the work site cleaner than when they arrived. I would use this company again.


Repaired roof and looked over entire roof for any other issues. .Company was very professional, returned my call within a couple of day, of initial call. Company came out next day to inspect my roof, and gave me two estimates same day via email (1) to replace whole roof (2) to repair roof and inspect and seal roof where needed.. Called company back and requested REPAIR asap - before next rain/storm hit -- they scheduled my repair within 2 days. Very happy with work performed.. Requested a receipt -- and company provided a receipt via email -- paid in full.


My concrete tile roof was hail damaged and the tile needed to be replaced plus the roof was almost 30 years old and had many areas of dry rot and deterioration. They also replaced the felt, battens, wood, etc. They returned my roof to like new condition.. This company was terrific! I received estimates from the top four on companies I found, and selected German because their estimate was the most inclusive with the most reasonable cost. Manuel Garcia answered all my concerns, was exceptionally competent, and provided a clear, concise proposal. I can't say enough good things about the workers. They were timely, extremely hard working, and cleaned up at the end of each day’s work. The temperatures every day during this week were over 110 degrees and these guys never slowed down. They were very courteous and addressed all my questions. The finished roof is perfect and exceeds my expectations. I would recommend German without any reservations.


He was great. The estimate was very detailed. and the price was spot on. The work was done in a week and I was very happy. I thought the price was very fair.


Manuel came out, inspected the roof, and told me that he would send me an email estimate. I received it, approved it and we set up a start date. The two roofers showed up exactly on time and worked very hard every day until the job was completed. Dianna in the office was easy to reach and easy to deal with. I will use German Roofing in the future and have already recommended them to our neighbors.