Solar Panels & A/C Installation

Solar Panels Installation

We recommend having your roof evaluated by a licensed roofing contractor before the installation of any solar panels. Most of the time, they must be removed before replacing a roof or repairing a roof in any area that has solar panels to access the roofing underneath.

We also recommend having your roof inspected by a licensed roofing contractor after any solar panels are installed or re-installed to make sure the roof is sealed up properly around the solar panels after the installation.


A/C Installation

We recommend having your roof inspected after any A/C installed to make sure the roofing around the A/C is sealed properly.

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What to Do When Customers Ask for Skylights

When it comes to building a home, you know to prepare for just about anything the homeowner throws your way. So, what do you do when they ask about skylights?

Key Skylight Benefits

If your homeowners are unsure about including skylights in their home, it helps to explain the key benefits of having skylights.

  • Skylights are essential for brighter, natural light. They provide twice as much light as a vertical window of the same size and can even offset the glare coming in from vertical windows when placed strategically.
  • Venting skylights help refresh any home. Skylights that open can help filter common indoor air toxins like carbon monoxide. And with strategic planning, opening skylights and windows at the same time can create a stack effect and provide whole-home airing.
  • Skylights offer privacy in certain situations, like in a master bath or bedroom. Since the skylight's positioned on the ceiling, it lets in daylight and fresh air without giving the neighbors a peek inside.
  • Solar-powered skylights and accessories earn homeowners a solar federal tax credit. If you install one of our solar-powered venting skylights or any skylight with a solar-powered blind this year, your homeowner becomes eligible for a 26% federal tax credit when they file their taxes.