Erik P.

I’ve used German Roofing twice, and included them in my bid process a total of three times.  I’ve been very impressed with them to date.

I used them at my house and my rental property.  I’ve also had theem bid for a full roof replacement at my parents house.

Price:  They were well under the comtetitor’s bid (~20%) for the two initial engagements.  For the more recent engagement, the price the quotes for the annual maintenance was the same as the competition, but I had both of them quote an annual maintenance and a full roof replacement price, and German’s quote was again about 20% below the competition.  

Quality of work:  German’s work has always been very good from what I can tell.  I have not done much roofing work, but I’ve done a lot of home improvement and have a decent sense of what’s right and reasonable.  Manuel (their estimator) is very able to tell you exactly what needs to be fixed and what they’re going to do to fix the problems.

Professionalism:  The first tiem around, they got out to the hosue within a day of when I called to ask for a bid.  The last time, it took them almost 4 days and there was definintely some miscommunication about when they were coming, etc.  But Manuel is very quick when he gets there, and their turn around time after the bid is usually good.

Erik P.

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