Which Are the Most Common Roofing Problems?

4 Cases in Which You May Need a Roofing Repair Service?

Today, we will focus on 4 of the most common roofing problems. Read on and learn what you need to do in order to solve them in a timely manner.

  1. Clogged gutters and downspouts – Debris reacts with water to form a sludge in gutters that can reduce their life. Clogged gutters are also potential fire hazards. They can also be nesting sites for insects and vermin. Clogged gutters cause water to overflow, often penetrating in the siding and foundations of the building.
  2. Rotting fascia – Fascia is the lower part of the roof which covers the eaves. The gutters are placed right below the fascia. Build-up debris above the gutter will contribute to a rotten fascia. This is due to the fact that the area stays wet and rots. Once they are inside mold and rot can spread and even cause a bigger roofing problem. Make sure that you book a roofing service before the problem gets to this level.
  3. Deteriorated shingles – Although some shingles have a life expectancy of 30 years, it is not impossible to encounter some shingle problems only a few years after they were installed. One of the earliest signs of roof shingle deterioration will not be evident when you look at the shingles. You actually have to check the rain gutters along the eaves for build up or rock chip material. If you clean the gutters once a year, the quantity of buildup collected in a 12-month period can act as a gauge to how quick the roof of your property is deteriorating. When you know the signs of shingle-roof wear, you will know when it is time to replace an aging roof as well. This can save you from spending a lot more on structural damage repairs.
  4. Deteriorated pipe boots – A vent pipe boot is a type of roof flashing which consists of  dome-shaped boot that fits snugly over a plastic vent pipe and a metal or plastic base with a rubber. The base lies flat against the roof with its top portion covered by the shingles above to shed water. The most common failure with this type of flashing occurs when the boot cracks or peels away from the pipe. Proper roofing maintenance on time can prevent you from spending a lot for repairing pipe boots later.

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